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Medical malpractice discovered at Wisconsin VA

The management and care at VA hospitals have increasingly been the center of many news stories and medical malpractice cases in the last several years. Despite scrutiny and regulations to ensure standard of care, hospital negligence still occurs at VA hospitals. A Wisconsin VA hospital has recently become the center of a negligence claim and possible medical malpractice by one of its employed dentists.

It has been discovered that for a period of a year a VA dentist did not adhere to policy regarding dental equipment. The VA requires its dentists to use sterile disposable equipment, but instead, per his preference, he used his own equipment, cleaned it and reused it. It has been reported that the dentist demonstrated his awareness of the policy by his proper use of the VA's disposable equipment during his orientation. A substitute dental assistant was the whistle blower of the dentist's disregard for the VA's regulations.

Wisconsin drunk driving car accident kills father, daughter

This time of year is one typically filled with family and excitement. As most people in Wisconsin wind up Thanksgiving, they begin planning for December holidays. Unfortunately, one family is planning a funeral instead of decorating a Christmas tree after police say a drunk driver caused a car accident that killed a man and his daughter.

The incident happened one evening in late November. Reports indicate that a 39-year-old man was driving a sedan containing two of his daughters, a 9-year-old and a 6-year-old. Unfortunately, when the man attempted to stop, the vehicle was rear-ended by a pickup truck driven by a 25-year-old man.

Alcohol suspected in fatal Wisconsin auto accident

The potential consequences of driving under the influence are well known. Unfortunately, there are those in Wisconsin who continue to make the decision to drive while intoxicated, often with tragic consequences. In fact, police believe a recent fatal auto accident that killed a pedestrian was caused by a man who was under the influence of alcohol.

The incident happened one afternoon on a day in November. Police claim that the 37-year-old victim was walking in a park when he was struck by a vehicle. The vehicle, allegedly driven by a 71-year-old man, also struck a utility pole and a vehicle. The victim died at the scene.

Medical malpractice lawsuit settled for $2 million

The vast majority of people in Wisconsin likely experiences some sort of medical ailment relatively frequently. While a physical pain, such as a headache, is typically relatively harmless, it can often be the sign of a more serious condition. Regardless of the seemingly innocuous nature of a condition, physicians and other medical care professionals are trained to recognize when a complaint could be evidence of something more serious. Unfortunately, failure to diagnose the condition could have serious consequences and could even be medical malpractice.

One out-of-state woman claims that she was the victim of such negligence. According to her lawsuit, she visited a doctor in Sept. 2011. At the time, she claims she was suffering a headache that she described as the worse in her life.

Drunk driving car accident kills 4 in Wisconsin

Efforts have been made over the course of the last few decades to educate drivers about the potential dangers of drinking and driving. Despite these extensive efforts, some people in Wisconsin continue to make the decision to get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence of alcohol. This decision often has deadly consequences. For example, a recent car accident believed to have been caused by a drunk driver resulted in the death of four people.

The incident occurred one night on a day in early November. Police claim that they received reports of a sports utility vehicle being driven erratically in the eastbound lanes of a Wisconsin interstate. The driver then allegedly changed directions and headed into oncoming traffic. While a responding police officer claims that he was able to narrowly avoid a head-on collision, two other drivers were not as lucky.

Cellphone use allegedly a factor in fatal Wisconsin car accident

The invention of smartphones has changed the way people communicate and conduct business. Unfortunately, many drivers are unable to avoid the temptation of using their phones while driving, often with devastating consequences. Police in Wisconsin believe that a recent fatal car accident may have resulted from a driver who was using her cellphone at the time of the accident.

The incident resulted in the death of a 16-year-old female. Police claim that in an attempt to avoiding being hit by another driver, the young victim veered off the roadway. Her vehicle rolled several times, and she was ejected and died as a result of injuries suffered in the accident.

Wisconsin police search for those involved in fatal car accident

Because the dangers of drinking and driving are well-known, many people choose to utilize the services of companies such as Uber. Unfortunately, three women recently lost their lives in Wisconsin after the car they were in -- driven by an Uber driver -- collided with a vehicle police say ran a red light. Investigators are still searching for the occupants of the vehicle who they say fled the scene of the car accident.

The accident happened just before 3 a.m. one morning in October. According to reports, the driver of a southbound vehicle allegedly failed to stop at a red light. As a result, the vehicle struck a westbound vehicle driven by an Uber driver.

Personal injury legal options following Wisconsin truck crashes

The period following a crash in Wisconsin is often filled with the pain of recovery and stress over a person's financial situation. Many victims suffer as a result of lost wages and medical bills. To help cope with these expenses, they may consider filing personal injury lawsuits.

If you have been involved in a car crash caused by another's negligence, the last thing you should have to worry about is how you will pay your medical bills. Our attorneys can help you seek the justice you deserve. If you were the victim of a tractor-trailer accident, you may have suffered more severe injuries, including amputation or injuries to your neck and head that will carry lifelong implications. We will work with medical experts to better understand your injuries to help you seek proper compensation .

Wisconsin car accident involving motorcycle results in fatality

Because of their size, motorcycles are often less visible than larger, passenger motor vehicles. As a result, all drivers must remain vigilant at all times to help ensure that their actions do not cause harm to motorcyclists who have less protections and could suffer serious injuries. Unfortunately, a recent car accident in Wisconsin involving a motorcycle killed one person and sent another to the hospital.

Police were sent to the scene at approximately 10:45 a.m. one morning in early October. According to reports, a motorcycle with two riders struck the side of a pickup truck as the truck crossed the street. One of the motorcycle occupants died as a result of the injuries he suffered in the crash.

Woman claims medical malpractice caused severe pain

Most people in Wisconsin have undergone some sort of surgical procedure that is considered routine. While such a procedure is not completely without risk, harm and complications are relatively rare. However, if a medical care provider is negligent, a patient can suffer. For example, a woman in another state claims that part of a surgical tool was left inside her after a procedure, an action that could potentially be a case of medical malpractice.

The woman underwent a tubal ligation and uterine ablation in April 2016, procedures that are described as common. While she expected to recover within days of the procedure, she claims that her condition worsened. She says that she began to experience heavy cramping and nausea.

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