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Medical malpractice lawsuit against hospital for YouTube.com use

When patients in Wisconsin seek emergency care from a physician at a medical facility, they expect that he or she will have training from a medical school and not YouTube.com. Unfortunately, for one patient in another state, the physician that attempted to treat him sought knowledge from the popular website to learn how to perform a life-saving medical procedure. A medical malpractice lawsuit has been filed against the medical facility on behalf of the patient's estate.

It was only a reported sore throat to led the man to seek the care of emergency room physicians at a nearby hospital. After examination, the man was treated with medicines and discharged. Just hours later, a suspected allergic reaction to the medical treatment he received led him back to the hospital.

Car accident may cause financial stress for victims

Operating a vehicle while intoxicated in Wisconsin can lead to serious consequences for a driver. He or she may face fines, license suspension, evaluations to determine if a drinking or drug problem exists and possibly the installation of an ignition interlock device in order to be able to operate a vehicle. Unfortunately, choosing to operate a vehicle while intoxicated may also lead to a car accident, often resulting in injuries or death.

Police say a 38-year-old woman caused a recent car accident. Authorities reported that she did not come to a required stop at an intersection. Her failure to do so resulted in a collision with a vehicle operated by a 19-year-old woman. Significant damage to both vehicles was reported.

Tragic car accident leaves young boys without both parents

Losing a loved one unexpectedly is difficult to imagine, but losing two family members at the same time is even more devastating. Recently in Wisconsin, a married couple was involved in a tragic car accident and neither one survived. Evidence appears to suggest that the other driver's negligence may have resulted in the crash. Family members are pleading with other motorists to slow down to avoid other tragic unnecessary loss of life.

The male driver whose vehicle collided with the married couple was allegedly speeding prior to the crash. Reports state that his vehicle became airborne after he apparently lost control of it. His vehicle then struck the couple's car.

3 children suffer personal injury after dog attack

Dogs can be wonderful pets, and in most instances they are friendly to humans. Sadly, some dogs attack and are aggressive toward humans. Causes of attacks may be related to their training, owner mistreatment, fear or protection of their territory. Unfortunately if animals attack humans, serious injury can result. Personal injury attorneys in Wisconsin can inform animal bite victims of their legal rights and offer appropriate legal counsel.

Recently, in another state, three children were attacked by two dogs. Reportedly, as the three children were playing, one confined pit bull jumped a fence and apparently the other escaped through an opening in it. Each child suffered non-life threatening injuries and were treated by on-site paramedics. The parents declined further treatment and evaluation at a medical facility.

Family may have litigation rights after fatal car accident

Despite numerous traffic laws, regulations and advancement in car safety technology, car accidents continue to occur in Wisconsin. Being a victim of a car accident can seriously alter a person's life. Unexpected medical bills, car repair and or replacement costs accumulate quickly, creating financial stress for many victims. Personal injury attorneys guide victims through their options for possible financial compensation for accident-related expenses, including options for filing a wrongful death lawsuit when a tragic death occurs. 

Recently, an 81-year-old man lost his life after a multi-vehicle accident. The accident is still under investigation, therefore the reasons that may have led to accident remain unknown. Initial reports indicate that a male driver of a blue pickup truck likely crossed into the lane of oncoming traffic. A resulting collision occurred with the elderly man's four door vehicle and the pickup. A second collision occurred between the blue pickup and another pickup truck.

A tragic car accident can be overwhelming to deal with alone

People, including young, inexperienced drivers, travel the Wisconsin roadways in many types of vehicles every day. Unfortunately, the inexperience of some teenage drivers can increase their risk of being involved in a crash. Recently, a terrible car accident involving two vehicles resulted in three deaths and seriously injured another.

Initial investigation reports indicate that a 16-year-old male driver may have been speeding and may have also failed to stop at an intersection. Whatever the cause, his vehicle crashed into a 35-year-old female. He sadly died at the scene of the accident, and the female driver was air-lifted to a nearby medical facility with serious injuries. The two teenage passengers in the male's vehicle initially survived the collision but later died from their injuries.

Family alleges medical malpractice after daughter's death

Wisdom teeth extraction is a procedure that has routinely occurred for decades. Despite its common occurrence, it is a medical procedure that requires monitoring for the safety of a patient. If a Wisconsin oral surgeon neglects to follow standard safety procedures, he or she may endanger a patient's life. Recently, in a nearby state, a family has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against an oral surgeon, claiming his negligent actions may have led to their daughter's death.

The oral surgeon began the wisdom teeth extraction on the rising high school senior around 9:00 a.m. in the morning. By 9:15 a.m., records indicate that the girl's heart rate had begun to decrease. Around 9:31 a.m., emergency services were notified, as the patient went into cardiac arrest that necessitated CPR. Once paramedics arrived, they continued to work until the patient was stabilized for transfer to a medical facility. Sadly, the young girl died six days later.

A car accident may be the result of negligent driving

Motorists who make the unfortunate choice to ignore Wisconsin traffic laws and regulations can potentially face consequences in criminal court. Victims may also choose to pursue monetary damages in civil court regardless of the outcome in criminal court. Recently, a 21-year-old man was formally charged in criminal court for alleged negligent driving that may have contributed to a car accident. If he is convicted of any of his criminal charges, it may aide in establishing negligence in a wrongful death lawsuit. 

Reportedly, the young man was driving to work early in the morning when he wrecked into another vehicle. Witnesses report seeing the young man cross into the opposite lane colliding with victim's automobile. The 61-year-old victim was flown to a medical center for treatment of his injuries, but he died several days later.

A car accident with uninsured motorist can be expensive

Driving a vehicle on Wisconsin roadways is considered a privilege. A driver's license, liability car insurance and responsible driving are mandated by the state for those who choose to operate a vehicle. Not adhering to state requirements or documented reckless driving can possibly cause the loss of that privilege. State lawmakers recognize that a car accident can be costly to all involved parties, and they are proposing new legislation to increase the consequences for those who drive without liability insurance.

Until 2009, Wisconsin was one of the only states that did not require drivers to purchase liability automobile insurance. Although the 2009 law mandated insurance for all drivers, the consequences of choosing not to purchase it is minimal. Currently driving without liability insurance may only result in a citation and possibly a $100 fine. Twelve percent of Wisconsin residents risk driving uninsured. 

Families of car accident victims may be eligible for compensation

Wisconsin motorists may ensure personal safety on roads by stopping at red lights, not driving distracted, abiding by the speed limit and following other traffic laws. However, they cannot prevent other drivers from committing traffic violations which may lead to personal injury. Recently, a 52-year-old man died in a car accident that appears to have been the result of another man's apparent reckless driving.

According to criminal reports, a 22-year-old was driving a red SUV at a speed between 69 and 84 mph when his vehicle struck the older man's van. Authorities obtained evidence of his speed from the computer data of his red SUV. Nearby witnesses also reported seeing a speeding SUV of the same color just prior to the accident.

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