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Fatal car accident in Wisconsin kills 26-year-old driver

The sheriff's office of La Crosse County and the Wisconsin State Patrol had to close a section of road on a recent Tuesday morning. This was done to allow them to reconstruct a fatal car accident that had occurred earlier. Investigators were trying to determine the reason why one driver crossed over the center line.

Personal injury: Hit-and-run fractures hip of security guard

An employee of a JC Penney store in Wisconsin is reportedly facing criminal charges after she admitted to running down one of the company's security guards. According to Wauwatosa police, the incident occurred late in the evening on Sunday, July 2 in the parking lot of the store. After an emergency call, police rushed to the scene to find a man who had suffered personal injury in a hit-and-run accident.

Distracted driving accident investigation finds drugs in vehcile

Recently, a Wisconsin teenager was killed in a tragic accident. What initially appeared to be a distracted driving accident, has turned into a more complicated case. In addition to charges of the victim's homicide, a driver has been charged with multiple felonies related to illegal drugs apparently discovered in her vehicle. 

Teens have increased risk for distracted driving accident

For most Wisconsin teenagers, learning to drive and obtaining a driver's license is a major milestone. Unfortunately, according to research, driving during the teenage years can be dangerous. Research indicates that teenagers have an increased risk of being involved in a fatal distracted driving accident in their first year of driving.

Wisconsin car accident kills 4, injures 5 others

Unfortunately, law enforcement officials witness accidents and tragedies on a regular basis. One Wisconsin sheriff recently reported that he is investigating one of the worst car accidents he has seen in his 40 year career. The car accident involved two vehicles and included four fatalities.

Tragic Wisconsin car accident kills 1, injures another

Proper maintenance of motor vehicles, adhering to driving laws and driving without distractions are ways to ensure personal safety when driving on Wisconsin roads. Unfortunately for drivers, personal safety is also dependant on responsible driving by other motor vehicle operators. When some people drive recklessly, a car accident may result. Recently, a tragic collision occurred that left one man dead and a woman seriously injured. 

Reckless driving cited re fatal car accident in Wisconsin

On recent morning in Wisconsin, multiple lives were altered as a result of one woman's alleged reckless driving. The unfortunate result of a car accident can injure and kill innocent people. Sadly, the apparently reckless driver was not only involved into two accidents, but she ran over a pedestrian and caused the woman's death.

Head on car accident kills 1 driver, injures the other

Sadly tragedy can strike anyone at any time, but it is unfortunate when it could have been prevented. Recently, two lives in Wisconsin were changed after a fatal car accident occurred. As one driver recovers from multiple injuries, the other will be buried by a grieving family. Not only do accidents result in physical loss, but related expenses can add up quickly. Although, early investigation is unclear what action either driver may have taken to result in the collision, it was likely one that could have been avoided.

Tragic car accident leaves young boys without both parents

Losing a loved one unexpectedly is difficult to imagine, but losing two family members at the same time is even more devastating. Recently in Wisconsin, a married couple was involved in a tragic car accident and neither one survived. Evidence appears to suggest that the other driver's negligence may have resulted in the crash. Family members are pleading with other motorists to slow down to avoid other tragic unnecessary loss of life.

Family may have litigation rights after fatal car accident

Despite numerous traffic laws, regulations and advancement in car safety technology, car accidents continue to occur in Wisconsin. Being a victim of a car accident can seriously alter a person's life. Unexpected medical bills, car repair and or replacement costs accumulate quickly, creating financial stress for many victims. Personal injury attorneys guide victims through their options for possible financial compensation for accident-related expenses, including options for filing a wrongful death lawsuit when a tragic death occurs. 

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