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October 2012 Archives

Wisconsin child killed in drunk driving car accident

Wisconsin parents invest a vast amount of time and energy in ensuring the safety of their children. We carefully check their toys for product recalls, make sure they eat food that is as healthy and pure as possible and teach them to be careful and aware of the dangers within their home and school. Sometimes, however, danger comes at the hands of others, and is virtually unpreventable, no matter how conscientious our efforts. The recent death of a 13-year-old boy from a car accident caused by a drunk driver is a prime example of how quickly a child can be lost to the actions of another.

Medical malpractice suit filed: baby decapitated during delivery

Wisconsin residents may have heard of a recently filed lawsuit that resulted from the horrific death of an infant during delivery. The case is making headlines across the nation, and the medical malpractice suit filed by the parents contains details that are difficult to face. As the case makes its way through the legal process, both patients and doctors are likely to keep a close watch on developments as the court determines whether doctors and medical institutions contributed to the course of events that ended a new life before it could even really begin.

Wisconsin man charged with drunk driving in accident

Drinking and driving causes thousands of accidents every year, with varying degrees of property damage and personal injury. While there are certain hazards that will always accompany road travel, accidents caused by driving while intoxicated are entirely preventable. A recent accident in Reid, Wisconsin illustrates the tragic consequences that can result when an individual chooses to drink and drive.

Medical malpractice: Death of physician does not affect lawsuit

Wisconsin residents who suffer at the hands of a medical professional often go through a range of emotions before they are ready to move forward and take action against the responsible party. Depending on the type of medical error, there may be a period of physical recovery that dominates the concentration of the patient as well as friends and family. Following the immediate aftermath, there may be a period of psychological adjustment, during which the patient may feel guilt, anger, fear or frustration about the situation. However, many people will pass through these stages in time, and may ultimately decide to move forward with a medical malpractice suit against the party or parties they deem responsible for the error.

Jail time for woman in text messaging car accident

A recent criminal case has made history as the first homicide texting while driving prosecution in the state of Wisconsin. The case was decided by a jury in July, when the 21-year-old driver was found guilty on a charge of homicide by negligent driving. She was sentenced last week to spend one year in prison. The verdict will likely lead the way for other criminal trials in which a car accident occurs because a driver is distracted by texting.

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