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March 2013 Archives

Woman suffers medical malpractice nightmare

When a Wisconsin resident checks into a hospital for major surgery, a wide range of worries come into play. We often tell ourselves that medical advancements have led the American healthcare system to great heights, and that our concerns are simply paranoia creeping in as we prepare for a surgical procedure. There are cases, however, in which an act of medical malpractice demonstrates that our worst fears may be more valid than we would like to believe.

Pit bull attacks Wisconsin toddler, causing fatal injury

Wisconsin readers may have heard news coverage of a horrific dog attack that has claimed the life of a young child. The case has shocked one Wisconsin community, and has raised a great deal of debate surrounding how best to prevent future attacks leading to injury or death. There are no words to express the pain and grief that the child's family is currently weathering, although it is hoped that they know that they are in the thoughts of many as they try to come to terms with their loss.

Bail set in fatal Wisconsin car accident

Readers may have heard news coverage of a recent fatal car crash in Wisconsin in which two young men lost their lives and a third has been gravely injured. The story has led to a public outpouring of sympathy for the families, as well as outrage against the young man whom police believe caused the tragic car accident. He has been charged with drunk driving, homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle and causing bodily injury while driving under the influence.

Sentencing in car accident that injured officer

Wisconsin readers will remember news coverage of a terrible drunk driving crash that injured a Milwaukee police officer. The car accident took place in Sept. 2012 and shocked the local and statewide community. In a recent hearing, the driver responsible for the crash received her sentence in the matter.

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