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May 2013 Archives

Wisconsin car accident kills 1, injures 2 others

Losing a loved one in an unexpected way such as a car accident can be a trying time for the family. While everyone is aware of the dangers of driving, no one is ever prepared to receive the bad news that someone they care about has perished in a motor vehicle collision. One recent car accident claimed the life of a 74-year-old Wisconsin woman.

Amish family of 9 in Wisconsin injured in car accident

A Wisconsin car accident recently injured an Amish family when a young man hit the back of their buggy. While a car accident such as this is fairly uncommon nationwide, there have been several in our state. The 19-year-old that was driving the car that hit the buggy was reportedly somehow distracted at the time of the crash. There were nine people in the buggy, seven children and their parents.

Two men flee in deadly Wisconsin car accident

Car accidents can often prove to be a deadly occurrence. Wisconsin residents may have read about a recent car accident in which a young woman was killed and the driver as well as the passenger of the other car fled. A car accident such as this can be extremely hard on friends and family of the victim as they wait for justice to be served.

Dog bite causes serious facial injury to 2-year-old boy

It used to be that every dog got one bite. That was literally the wisdom underlying personal injury law relating to dog bites. In Wisconsin and many other states, however, that one-bite approach has given way to laws providing that the owner has absolute liability for any dog bite injury caused by the dog. Even if the owner uses due care in restraining the dog, the owner will be absolutely liable to compensate the injured person. Some states provide some exceptions to strict liability, such as provocation or for a dog used in law enforcement.

Wisconsin car accident injures 3, including pedestrian

A Wisconsin car accident can happen to anyone and at anytime. Often, though, people forget that a car accident can even affect the lives of those by the side of the road just as easily as those in the road. Unfortunately, a recent car accident resulted in injuries to a teenage pedestrian, the hospitalization of two drivers and extensive damage to three different vehicles.

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