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February 2014 Archives

26-year-old dies in fatal Wisconsin car accident

Life can change in an instant without reason or warning. Although it is somewhat of a cliche, that sentiment is nonetheless proven true over and over again in a wide variety of situations. For example, one moment a person can be doing something perfectly ordinary, like driving down the road. Before he or she knows what's happening, another driver can make a move that irrevocably changes the life of everyone involved. A recent car accident that claimed the life of a 26-year-old Wisconsin man is a sad illustration of that fact.

Wisconsin man gets 8 year sentence for role in fatal car accident

A Wisconsin man who ran his car into a group of motorists received an eight year sentence recently. The man was found responsible for a fatal car accident that claimed the lives of two men and injured numerous others. Their families say the sentence is not proportionate to the crime.

Wisconsin man reaches plea agreement in fatal 2011 car accident

A Wisconsin man facing a trial for his drunk driving charges reached a plea agreement recently. The man entered a plea of no contest to charges he drove while under the influence of alcohol and, in doing so, caused someone's death. A 20-year-old woman was killed in the tragic car accident that happened in 2011.

Car accident takes the life of Wisconsin man walking home

Taking the night off and having a few drinks in a Wisconsin bar can be a great way to spend a Saturday night. It's fun and can be a good way to unwind from a hectic work week. When the night out results in a fatal car accident, however, what started as entertainment turns tragic in an instant.

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