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June 2014 Archives

Police say woman attempted left turn, injures 4 in car accident

The site of a recent serious accident may have been an area that is already known for car wrecks. As a result of the car accident, four people ended up in the hospital, including the driver of the vehicle that apparently caused the wreck. Wisconsin authorities are still investigating the incident.

Driver convicted after a car accident that injured a pedestrian

Car accidents sometimes involve pedestrians. Roadways are teeming with numerous obstacles for drivers to avoid. When one of those obstacles is a person, failure to stop can result in serious and sometimes fatal injuries. In connection with a recent car accident, a Wisconsin woman was charged criminally after the vehicle she was driving struck a pedestrian. She recently entered a plea of no contest to one of the charges.

Parents may seek to file a personal injury claim after dog attack

In a society where more than half the population has a family pet or two, it is not uncommon to encounter animals wandering unaccompanied along neighborhood roadways. Whether the animal escapes from their yard or are not properly contained, owners are responsible for their animals, even when they are unaware of their pet’s whereabouts. In Wisconsin, when someone is injured by an animal the owners could face a personal injury lawsuit.

Truck driver could face lawsuit after Wisconsin car accident

Traffic signs and signals are intended to not only control the flow of traffic, but are also meant to protect and keep commuters safe. When a driver is attentive to signs and signals and adheres to the laws for driving in Wisconsin, the roads are safer for everyone. However, when a driver fails to acknowledge stop signs or traffic lights, he or she increases his or her chance of being involved in a car accident.

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