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November 2014 Archives

Family claims medical malpractice led to man's death

Many people in Wisconsin scheduled to undergo an outpatient procedure approach it with relatively little anxiety. They believe there is little chance of the procedure ending in complications. However, one man's story shows that even a relatively low risk surgery carries complications with it. If those complications go untreated as a result of medical malpractice, as this man's family claims happened to him, there could be serious, even fatal, consequences.

Woman claims medical malpractice caused brother's death

The advances in the medical field over the last century have likely lengthened the average lifespan for people in this country. While most doctors are experienced professionals with the best interests of their patients at heart, a mistake could cost a person his or her life. In many cases of medical malpractice, Wisconsin victims -- or their loved ones if the mistake led to a fatality -- have sought legal recourse in a civil court. One out-of-state woman is taking such an action, arguing that the actions of her brother's doctor caused his death.

Responding to a personal injury caused by an animal bite

There are millions of households across the country that have pets. As a result, animal bites have affected thousands of people. Even dogs, or other pets, that an owner would swear were gentle and would never cause harm have been known to attack a completely innocent person. Unfortunately, animal bites can have serious financial and physical ramifications -- including infection or disease. As a result, many people in Wisconsin have sought legal recourse in form of a personal injury claim filed in a civil court.

Wisconsin bicyclist killed in car accident; driver charged

As more people become aware of the need for exercise and the consequences of excessive gasoline consumption on the environment, more people seem to be turning to alternative forms of transportation such as bicycles. Unfortunately, those on bicycles can be placed at risk due to the negligent acts of others.  For example, a car accident in Wisconsin involving a bicyclist recently resulted in a fatality.

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