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April 2015 Archives

Wisconsin legislature could impact medical malpractice claims

No one knows exactly how they will react upon learning of the unexpected death of a loved one. For some, when a loved one is believed to have been lost as a result of another's negligence, they are spurred into action in an attempt to prevent others from suffering in a similar manner. When one Wisconsin family unexpectedly lost their loved one as a result of medical malpractice after she underwent elective surgery, they decided to seek a way to help other people or families who may be going through the same situation.

Wisconsin car accident reportedly sends 4 to hospital

Anyone who has driven on Wisconsin interstates is likely familiar of the effect construction has on traffic. Fortunately, signs typically provide warnings to drivers about upcoming construction sites. However, one car accident reportedly occurred after the driver of a commercial truck failed to respond appropriately to slowing traffic.

Speed suspected in fatal Wisconsin car accident

For many people is Wisconsin, a car is simply a means of transportation. For some, however, it is much more, including a hobby and a point of pride. While most people who own a sports car, for example, are extremely safe drivers, some people may be unable to avoid the temptation of pushing the car to its limits. However, disobeying speed limits could lead to tragedy, as shown by a recent fatal car accident that police say may have been caused by a speed.

Dog attack in Wisconsin results in serious injury

There are many pet owners in Wisconsin who are willing to point out the benefits of owning a pet. While there may be many, the personal safety of others must be protected from a potentially violent animal even if that animal is a beloved pet. Unfortunately, a dog attack has reportedly left one woman in the hospital as a result of the serious injury she suffered. Her dog also required medical attention.

Study: distracted driving accident statistically high with teens

The dangers of texting and driving are well-publicized. Many states, including Wisconsin, have laws banning such an action while driving because of the potential risk of causing a distracted driving accident. However, people still engage in the risky behavior, putting themselves and others at risk. Texting is not the only behavior that could distract a driver and potentially cause an accident. A recent student claims that distracted driving is more often the cause of accidents involving teen drivers than previously thought.

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