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December 2015 Archives

Medical malpractice lawsuit to follow woman's death

There is no doubt that doctors in Wisconsin are well-trained professionals with experience diagnosing a range of ailments. Despite their years of training, a patient may be more aware that something is wrong with his or her body than a person who is essentially a stranger. As a result, it may be extremely beneficial for doctors to pay close attention to a patient's complaints. Unfortunately, one out-of-state woman who refused to leave the hospital after discharge died as she was being escorted from the hospital by police. Family members intend to file a medical malpractice lawsuit in response.

Wisconsin police investigate fatal car accident

There are many safe drivers on the road in Wisconsin. They observe the speed limit and all posted traffic signals while avoiding distractions. Despite these precautions, drivers sometimes find themselves unable to avoid the actions of others on the roadways. Unfortunately, a recent car accident killed one driver while seriously injuring another.

November car accident fatalities down in Wisconsin

During the holiday season, many families in Wisconsin are traveling. As they do so, they must face very real concerns about their safety while on the roadways. While recent statistics released by the state Department of Transportation indicate that the average number of car accident fatalities during the month of November is lower than previous years, the number of fatalities for 2015, year to date, was higher.

Arrest made after car accident injures pedestrian in Wisconsin

Accidents sometimes happen before an inattentive driver even knows that there is a potential danger in the area. Because there could be a pedestrian in a crosswalk or a small child chasing a ball, drivers in Wisconsin must remain vigilant at all times in order to protect their personal safety as well as the safety of others in the vicinity. Unfortunately, a recent car accident has left one man in the hospital and another in jail.

Wisconsin accident with injuries leads to drunk driving charges

Wisconsin residents will continue to suffer injuries or lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents for as long as some drivers choose to take to the roads while they are under the influence of alcohol. Drunk driving accidents are linked to a concerning number of injuries and deaths on our roadways. A suspected drunk driver was arrested after allegedly causing a car accident that resulted in injuries suffered by another driver.

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