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May 2016 Archives

Cause of death in recent Wisconsin car accident unclear

When a person is injured in a car accident, the arrival of emergency personnel on the scene is often the answer to a prayer. However, one man was actually involved in a second car accident while he was being transported to the hospital. The Wisconsin man later died, but officials are unclear about what role the second accident may have played in his death.

National Dog Bite Prevention Week educates about personal injury

Many families in the country have a dog. These animals are often well-loved and are provided quality care. However, any dog can attack, causing serious injury or even death. Because some claim that most, and possibly all, dog bites are preventable, many injured in an attack in Wisconsin choose to pursue a personal injury claim.

Alcohol a factor in early morning Wisconsin accident

The dangers of consuming alcohol prior to driving are made clear by a variety of public service announcements and other efforts to educate the public. Unfortunately, many drivers in Wisconsin continue to make the decision to drink and drive, often causing an accident that has serious consequences. For example, one man is in critical condition while another has been arrested as police investigate a recent crash.

Wisconsin police investigate fatal car accident

There are many drivers on Wisconsin roadways who take risks with their own lives. They disobey the speed limit and text while driving, for example. Unfortunately, many do not realize that negligent actions can often place others in danger as well. Police in Wisconsin are investigating a car accident that resulted in one man's death and sent three other people to the hospital.

Medical malpractice lawsuit results in $44.1 million award

People require medical treatment for a variety of different reasons. Despite this, most patients likely hope for the same outcome -- that the treatment they receive will allow them to lead a happy, healthier life. Unfortunately, many in Wisconsin who are victims of medical malpractice have found that mistakes made by medical professionals can often have devastating consequences. Such appears to be the case for an out-of-state woman who recently won a lawsuit accusing a hospital and doctor of negligence.

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