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June 2016 Archives

Adult, child killed in Wisconsin car accident

Most drivers are aware of actions that are potentially reckless. For example, the average person is likely aware that driving while under the influence of alcohol or speeding could potentially place their lives -- as well as the lives of their passengers and others -- at risk. In one recent tragedy, two lives were lost in a Wisconsin car accident reportedly involving  a car that had simply came to a stop in traffic.

Personal injury: Woman and toddler mauled by 2 dogs

Dogs and other pets are often wonderful additions to a family. Unfortunately, some pet owners may overlook the potential harm that a beloved family pet can cause to others. For example, a mother and her toddler suffered a personal injury in Wisconsin in an attack that police are describing as unprovoked.

Wisconsin car accident kills 2 motorcyclists

Because of their smaller size, motorcycles may be hard to see for those driving larger vehicles. As a result, it is imperative for drivers of larger vehicles to make multiple checks when in order to ensure that there are no motorcyclists in an area. Unfortunately, Wisconsin police claim that a recent car accident involving a motorcycle resulted in the loss of two lives.

Medical malpractice leads to leg amputation

Many people in Wisconsin complain to their physicians about pain. The response to such complaints vary, but one out-of-state man's complaints ultimately led to the amputation of his leg. A jury has recently awarded the man and his wife over $2 million in damages as a result of his injury after finding that it was caused by medical malpractice.

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