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July 2016 Archives

Wisconsin drunk driving accident results in criminal charges

Despite the attempts to educate drivers about the potential consequences of driving under the influence, people in Wisconsin and across the country continue to gamble with their lives as well as the lives of their passengers and others with whom they may come into contact by driving after consuming drugs and alcohol. Police are currently investigating an accident that sent three people to the hospital and ultimately resulted in a fatality. The driver now faces multiple criminal charges.

Wisconsin man pleads guilty in fatal hit-and-run car accident

There are a variety of different ways to legally use roadways. In fact, many people choose to ride a bicycle in order to save money, promote health and protect the environment. Unfortunately, some bicyclists may be in danger if there are negligent drivers on the roadways. For example, a man in Wisconsin recently pleaded guilty to charges related to a fatal hit-and-run car accident involving a bicyclist.

Legal action following a negligent car accident

The majority of drivers in Wisconsin and across the country are good drivers, dedicated to protecting their own safety as well as other motorists and pedestrians with whom they may come into contact. Unfortunately, not all drivers have this mentality, which can lead to the death or injury of innocent people as a result of a car accident. In fact, over 5.6 million accidents were reported in 2012, leaving victims attempting to recover from injuries or coping with their grief over the unexpected death of a loved one.

Driver in wrong-way car accident in Wisconsin arrested

Most parents are dedicated to protecting the safety of their children, including ensuring that they are properly restrained in their vehicle. While these measures can keep them safe in the event of a car accident, they cannot prevent an accident. Unfortunately, police are investigating a recent crash that sent a woman and her two children to the hospital.

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