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October 2016 Archives

Cellphone use allegedly a factor in fatal Wisconsin car accident

The invention of smartphones has changed the way people communicate and conduct business. Unfortunately, many drivers are unable to avoid the temptation of using their phones while driving, often with devastating consequences. Police in Wisconsin believe that a recent fatal car accident may have resulted from a driver who was using her cellphone at the time of the accident.

Wisconsin police search for those involved in fatal car accident

Because the dangers of drinking and driving are well-known, many people choose to utilize the services of companies such as Uber. Unfortunately, three women recently lost their lives in Wisconsin after the car they were in -- driven by an Uber driver -- collided with a vehicle police say ran a red light. Investigators are still searching for the occupants of the vehicle who they say fled the scene of the car accident.

Personal injury legal options following Wisconsin truck crashes

The period following a crash in Wisconsin is often filled with the pain of recovery and stress over a person's financial situation. Many victims suffer as a result of lost wages and medical bills. To help cope with these expenses, they may consider filing personal injury lawsuits.

Wisconsin car accident involving motorcycle results in fatality

Because of their size, motorcycles are often less visible than larger, passenger motor vehicles. As a result, all drivers must remain vigilant at all times to help ensure that their actions do not cause harm to motorcyclists who have less protections and could suffer serious injuries. Unfortunately, a recent car accident in Wisconsin involving a motorcycle killed one person and sent another to the hospital.

Woman claims medical malpractice caused severe pain

Most people in Wisconsin have undergone some sort of surgical procedure that is considered routine. While such a procedure is not completely without risk, harm and complications are relatively rare. However, if a medical care provider is negligent, a patient can suffer. For example, a woman in another state claims that part of a surgical tool was left inside her after a procedure, an action that could potentially be a case of medical malpractice.

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