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January 2017 Archives

A car accident with uninsured motorist can be expensive

Driving a vehicle on Wisconsin roadways is considered a privilege. A driver's license, liability car insurance and responsible driving are mandated by the state for those who choose to operate a vehicle. Not adhering to state requirements or documented reckless driving can possibly cause the loss of that privilege. State lawmakers recognize that a car accident can be costly to all involved parties, and they are proposing new legislation to increase the consequences for those who drive without liability insurance.

Families of car accident victims may be eligible for compensation

Wisconsin motorists may ensure personal safety on roads by stopping at red lights, not driving distracted, abiding by the speed limit and following other traffic laws. However, they cannot prevent other drivers from committing traffic violations which may lead to personal injury. Recently, a 52-year-old man died in a car accident that appears to have been the result of another man's apparent reckless driving.

Police suspect drunk driving a factor in fatal car accident

The combination of drinking and driving is a risk not worth taking. Wisconsin motorists may face fines, loss of a driver's license, possible jail time and other penalties. Unfortunately, the consequences of driving under the influence are often not limited to the intoxicated driver. Innocent people may suffer injuries or even death in a car accident caused by drunk driving.

Personal injury compensation available for dog bite victims

People have a love and fascination with animals. At times people become so accustomed to dogs as pets that it can be forgotten that dogs still contain the animal instinct to bite when they feel attacked or threatened. Many believe that dogs have the ability to be trained to prevent bites and attacks. With this belief, it can be speculated that the result of the bite is therefore the fault of the human that trained the dog. Recently, a Wisconsin woman suffered a personal injury while going to the aide of an injured dog that was hit by a vehicle.

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