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April 2017 Archives

Family files medical malpractice lawsuit for boy's broken arm

No Wisconsin parent wishes to receive a call that his or her child has been admitted to a medical facility with injuries. One family in another state received an unfortunate call regarding their child. The family learned that their son suffered a broken arm while under the care of a children's psychiatric hospital. Due to the questionable circumstances surrounding the injury, they have filed a medical malpractice lawsuit seeking $75,000 in damages.

Reckless driving cited re fatal car accident in Wisconsin

On recent morning in Wisconsin, multiple lives were altered as a result of one woman's alleged reckless driving. The unfortunate result of a car accident can injure and kill innocent people. Sadly, the apparently reckless driver was not only involved into two accidents, but she ran over a pedestrian and caused the woman's death.

Dog attack on family causes serious personal injury

Many victims of dog attacks not only suffer physical injuries but emotional scars as well. People may find themselves with a fear of animals for years to come. Victims may also be responsible for expensive treatment and therapy for their injuries. Fortunately for dog bite victims in Wisconsin, personal injury attorneys can explain litigation options against the animal's owner for potential compensation. Recently in a nearby state, a family's life was turned upside down after two children suffered a brutal dog attack.

Officer kills Wisconsin woman in tragic pedestrian car accident

Many Wisconsin residents enjoy living in communities that promote a pedestrian lifestyle for many day-to-day activities. While walking is considered to be healthier than commuting in a motor vehicle, pedestrians may still be involved in a car accident as they cross roads in which vehicles travel. Not long ago, a 29-year-old woman lost her life after she was tragically hit by a motor vehicle.

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