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Young Wisconsin girl suffers injury from a dog bite

An injury from a dog bite can be serious even life threatening. Dog owners have a responsibility not only for the whereabouts of their animal, but for their medical needs including vaccinations as well. A recent story about a Wisconsin girl that suffered an injury as the result of a dog bite has made local headlines and has people looking for the dog that bit the girl.

Off duty police officer killed in Wisconsin car accident

Police officers accept a certain amount of risk as part of their job and some even expect to encounter danger and possibly even death as they perform their duties. It may not be as expected, however, for one of them to die in a car accident on the way home after surviving another shift. Unfortunately for the family of one Wisconsin police officer, he lost his life in an accident shortly after getting off work one morning.

Amish family of 9 in Wisconsin injured in car accident

A Wisconsin car accident recently injured an Amish family when a young man hit the back of their buggy. While a car accident such as this is fairly uncommon nationwide, there have been several in our state. The 19-year-old that was driving the car that hit the buggy was reportedly somehow distracted at the time of the crash. There were nine people in the buggy, seven children and their parents.

Two men flee in deadly Wisconsin car accident

Car accidents can often prove to be a deadly occurrence. Wisconsin residents may have read about a recent car accident in which a young woman was killed and the driver as well as the passenger of the other car fled. A car accident such as this can be extremely hard on friends and family of the victim as they wait for justice to be served.

Bail set in fatal Wisconsin car accident

Readers may have heard news coverage of a recent fatal car crash in Wisconsin in which two young men lost their lives and a third has been gravely injured. The story has led to a public outpouring of sympathy for the families, as well as outrage against the young man whom police believe caused the tragic car accident. He has been charged with drunk driving, homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle and causing bodily injury while driving under the influence.

Wisconsin teenager sentenced in fatal car accident

Wisconsin readers will likely remember a tragic car accident that occurred in March 2012 and ended the lives of two teenagers. The fatal car accident touched the hearts of many within the Manitowoc community, and led to criminal charges against the teenage driver. The criminal case recently ended, and the young man responsible for this terrible loss of life has been sentenced in the matter. For the families of those killed in the crash, the outcome may serve as an important step on their journey toward closure and healing.

Charges filed in Wisconsin drunk driving accident

Automotive travel comes with an inherent risk of becoming involved in an automobile accident. There are a range of conditions that can cause a Wisconsin accident, including vehicle malfunction, roadway obstructions and weather conditions. However, there are a great many accidents that take place which are entirely preventable. One recent apparent drunk driving accident provides an example of how the choices that drivers make can influence the lives of others with whom they share the road.

Wisconsin woman arrested and charged in fatal car accident case

Wisconsin drivers assume a heavy burden when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Not only are they responsible for their own safety, they also assume responsibility for the safety of their passengers as well as others with whom they share the road. When these obligations are not properly met, disaster can strike, leading to significant property damage, personal injury and even loss of life. One Wisconsin woman is now facing charges in connection with a car accident that killed two of her friends.

Wisconsin child killed in drunk driving car accident

Wisconsin parents invest a vast amount of time and energy in ensuring the safety of their children. We carefully check their toys for product recalls, make sure they eat food that is as healthy and pure as possible and teach them to be careful and aware of the dangers within their home and school. Sometimes, however, danger comes at the hands of others, and is virtually unpreventable, no matter how conscientious our efforts. The recent death of a 13-year-old boy from a car accident caused by a drunk driver is a prime example of how quickly a child can be lost to the actions of another.

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