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Wrongful death lawsuit possible in fatal boating accident

A boating accident that took place in July 2012 has made its way into a Wisconsin criminal court. The operator of the boat, a 22-year-old male, was charged with homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle for his responsibility in the fatal accident. The crash led to the death of his passenger, a 23-year-old man.

Multiple Wisconsin OWI arrests could lower accident risk

The ramifications of drinking and driving can be life-altering. An accident that results from the decision to drink and drive is entirely preventable. A recent rash of OWI arrests throughout Wisconsin reminds residents of the dangers that drunk drivers pose, as well as the need to remain vigilant while on the road.

Charges filed in Wisconsin drunk driving accident

Automotive travel comes with an inherent risk of becoming involved in an automobile accident. There are a range of conditions that can cause a Wisconsin accident, including vehicle malfunction, roadway obstructions and weather conditions. However, there are a great many accidents that take place which are entirely preventable. One recent apparent drunk driving accident provides an example of how the choices that drivers make can influence the lives of others with whom they share the road.

Wisconsin child killed in drunk driving car accident

Wisconsin parents invest a vast amount of time and energy in ensuring the safety of their children. We carefully check their toys for product recalls, make sure they eat food that is as healthy and pure as possible and teach them to be careful and aware of the dangers within their home and school. Sometimes, however, danger comes at the hands of others, and is virtually unpreventable, no matter how conscientious our efforts. The recent death of a 13-year-old boy from a car accident caused by a drunk driver is a prime example of how quickly a child can be lost to the actions of another.

Wisconsin man charged with drunk driving in accident

Drinking and driving causes thousands of accidents every year, with varying degrees of property damage and personal injury. While there are certain hazards that will always accompany road travel, accidents caused by driving while intoxicated are entirely preventable. A recent accident in Reid, Wisconsin illustrates the tragic consequences that can result when an individual chooses to drink and drive.

Existing laws may not be applicable to every type of car accident

When a car crash is caused by an intoxicated driver, victims and their families expect the courts to hand down severe punishment to the responsible party. However, a recent case heard by a Wisconsin appeals court demonstrates that existing drunk driving laws are not always sufficient to cover every case of operating while intoxicated (OWI). When the criminal courts fall short, car accident victims and their families can turn to the civil courts to seek justice.

Charges still possible in fatal Wisconsin boat accident

When we think of drunk driving, it is usually in the context of automobile traffic on the American road system. In fact, the vast majority of drunk driving accidents take place there, and involve trucks, cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. However, there are also a number of alcohol-related accidents In Wisconsin and across the nation every year that fall under the category of 'boating while intoxicated.' These incidents may differ from automobile crashes in the type of vehicle involved, but operators who pilot their watercraft after drinking are just as dangerous as drunk drivers who get behind the wheel and cause an accident.

Wisconsin boaters warned about drunk driving dangers

Most Wisconsin drivers understand the hazards in play when drinking and driving, and make responsible choices when it comes to getting from one place to another after having a few drinks. Many of these same citizens, however, do not apply the same rigorous standards when drinking while boating.

Wisconsin man arrested for drunk driving after accident

A 53-year-old Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, man is facing charges after he allegedly ran a stop sign in nearby Caledonia, causing a motorcyclist to crash into his car. The car accident occurred at the intersection of Dunkelow Road and Morris Street. A passenger in the car said the motorcyclist crashed into the passenger side of the car as the man pulled out in front of him. The motorcyclist suffered what were characterized as minor injuries.

Fatal car accident: 18-year-old charged in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin an 18-year-old male was recently charged with homicide for his role as the driver in a fatal car accident. The teenager was said to be driving with four other passengers in the car. All four passengers died in the Feb. 18 crash. It is unknown exactly how the car accident happened, but witnesses state they saw the car speeding and being driven recklessly. The car was found overturned at the intersection of Lacy and Syene roads in Madison.

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