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Medical malpractice may be curtailed in Wisconsin by Julie's Law

One of the problems encountered when surgical procedures do not go as planned is the fact that the patient is anesthetized and not witness to what takes place. Medical malpractice claims require proof of negligence and the failure to maintain specific standards. However, this is a challenging prospect for victims or remaining family members of those that do not survive surgeries. There are those in Wisconsin who believe that cameras in operating rooms may prevent medical malpractice.

Doctors face medical malpractice after brain injuries from sinus

When doctors make mistakes in the medical treatment of children, it is not something most parents will accept without taking action. While this is the type of medical malpractice case that can easily play out in Wisconsin, a jury trial recently kicked off in another state. That case involves a child who will never be able to live a normal life.

Medical malpractice: Surgeon removes pancreas instead of tumor

Carelessness or inattention on the part of health care professionals can cause long-term consequences for patients. The term used to describe such negligence is medical malpractice. If patients in Wisconsin or elsewhere are harmed, they or their families can sue the medical institutions, doctors, surgeons and any other medical personnel that can be linked to the negligence. Such a lawsuit was recently filed in another state after a surgeon was accused of making a surgical error.

Medical malpractice 3rd largest cause of death nationwide

Professionals in any occupation can be sued, but it was reported that five of the 10 most sued professionals work in the various fields of medicine. Wisconsin residents may find it interesting that the 10 areas of specialties that face the most medical malpractice claims are also those of the physicians that save the most lives. They are oncology, urology, pulmonary medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, plastic surgery, gastroenterology, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery and thoracic-cardiovascular surgery.

Study shows many medical malpractice claims follow misdiagnosis

According to a recently published study online, patients in Wisconsin and other states could be at an increased risk of suffering severe cardiovascular incidents because general practitioners often miss the initial symptoms and signs of heart disease. The research was conducted by an analysis and research organization along with a medical malpractice insurance company in another state. The subject matter included over 250 cases that were based on the alleged failure of medical practitioners to diagnose cardiovascular disease in outpatient settings.

Man awarded $870,000 in medical malpractice lawsuit

Many fears exist for Wisconsin patients when they agree to surgery. One fear is that the wrong body part or organ will mistakenly be removed by the surgeon. An incorrect surgery on the wrong body part is considered to be a "never event" because medical experts believe "never events" to be completely preventable. Recently, a man in another state was awarded almost $900,000 in his medical malpractice lawsuit for the removal of the wrong testicle.

Family files medical malpractice lawsuit for boy's broken arm

No Wisconsin parent wishes to receive a call that his or her child has been admitted to a medical facility with injuries. One family in another state received an unfortunate call regarding their child. The family learned that their son suffered a broken arm while under the care of a children's psychiatric hospital. Due to the questionable circumstances surrounding the injury, they have filed a medical malpractice lawsuit seeking $75,000 in damages.

Medical malpractice lawsuit against hospital for YouTube.com use

When patients in Wisconsin seek emergency care from a physician at a medical facility, they expect that he or she will have training from a medical school and not YouTube.com. Unfortunately, for one patient in another state, the physician that attempted to treat him sought knowledge from the popular website to learn how to perform a life-saving medical procedure. A medical malpractice lawsuit has been filed against the medical facility on behalf of the patient's estate.

Family alleges medical malpractice after daughter's death

Wisdom teeth extraction is a procedure that has routinely occurred for decades. Despite its common occurrence, it is a medical procedure that requires monitoring for the safety of a patient. If a Wisconsin oral surgeon neglects to follow standard safety procedures, he or she may endanger a patient's life. Recently, in a nearby state, a family has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against an oral surgeon, claiming his negligent actions may have led to their daughter's death.

Medical malpractice discovered at Wisconsin VA

The management and care at VA hospitals have increasingly been the center of many news stories and medical malpractice cases in the last several years. Despite scrutiny and regulations to ensure standard of care, hospital negligence still occurs at VA hospitals. A Wisconsin VA hospital has recently become the center of a negligence claim and possible medical malpractice by one of its employed dentists.

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