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Personal injury news: Wisconsin city ranks high in dog attacks

The vast majority of dog owners feel that their family dogs are members of their families. Often, a dog owner will insist that his or her dog that plays lovingly with small children in the family would never attack someone. Unfortunately, a Wisconsin resident can face a serious personal injury from a dog despite its owner's belief that it would never harm anyone.

Dog attack in Wisconsin results in serious injury

There are many pet owners in Wisconsin who are willing to point out the benefits of owning a pet. While there may be many, the personal safety of others must be protected from a potentially violent animal even if that animal is a beloved pet. Unfortunately, a dog attack has reportedly left one woman in the hospital as a result of the serious injury she suffered. Her dog also required medical attention.

Responding to a personal injury caused by an animal bite

There are millions of households across the country that have pets. As a result, animal bites have affected thousands of people. Even dogs, or other pets, that an owner would swear were gentle and would never cause harm have been known to attack a completely innocent person. Unfortunately, animal bites can have serious financial and physical ramifications -- including infection or disease. As a result, many people in Wisconsin have sought legal recourse in form of a personal injury claim filed in a civil court.

Wisconsin pit bull attack could result in personal injury claim

It is common for families to have a pet. In fact, millions of households across the country have some sort of household pet. Unfortunately, even the most beloved pet can sometimes behave in a way that is shocking to its owner, leaving an injured party with medical bills. Three people in Wisconsin, who could potentially file a personal injury claim, were allegedly attacked by a pit bull recently.

Parents may seek to file a personal injury claim after dog attack

In a society where more than half the population has a family pet or two, it is not uncommon to encounter animals wandering unaccompanied along neighborhood roadways. Whether the animal escapes from their yard or are not properly contained, owners are responsible for their animals, even when they are unaware of their pet’s whereabouts. In Wisconsin, when someone is injured by an animal the owners could face a personal injury lawsuit.

Off duty police officer killed in Wisconsin car accident

Police officers accept a certain amount of risk as part of their job and some even expect to encounter danger and possibly even death as they perform their duties. It may not be as expected, however, for one of them to die in a car accident on the way home after surviving another shift. Unfortunately for the family of one Wisconsin police officer, he lost his life in an accident shortly after getting off work one morning.

Wisconsin car accident kills 1, injures 2 others

Losing a loved one in an unexpected way such as a car accident can be a trying time for the family. While everyone is aware of the dangers of driving, no one is ever prepared to receive the bad news that someone they care about has perished in a motor vehicle collision. One recent car accident claimed the life of a 74-year-old Wisconsin woman.

Dog bite causes serious facial injury to 2-year-old boy

It used to be that every dog got one bite. That was literally the wisdom underlying personal injury law relating to dog bites. In Wisconsin and many other states, however, that one-bite approach has given way to laws providing that the owner has absolute liability for any dog bite injury caused by the dog. Even if the owner uses due care in restraining the dog, the owner will be absolutely liable to compensate the injured person. Some states provide some exceptions to strict liability, such as provocation or for a dog used in law enforcement.

Wisconsin car accident injures 3, including pedestrian

A Wisconsin car accident can happen to anyone and at anytime. Often, though, people forget that a car accident can even affect the lives of those by the side of the road just as easily as those in the road. Unfortunately, a recent car accident resulted in injuries to a teenage pedestrian, the hospitalization of two drivers and extensive damage to three different vehicles.

Wisconsin driver fails to notice other vehicle, causes accident

When an individual is injured in a serious car crash, it can seem as though his or her life is forever changed and will never return to a state of normalcy. Injuries sustained in a car accident can take months or even years to fully recover from, and in some cases, chronic pain and other medical conditions can linger for a lifetime. In addition, victims often lose significant income due to time lost from work, and can even become temporarily or permanently disabled.

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